The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

“If this is a synagogue, I will burn it”

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Brussels – Freemasonry, a member of the Masonic temple
of philanthropists friends (Temple des Amis Philanthropic) situated in Persil
Street (Rue Persil) downtown, decided to give up the etiquettes of restraint
and discretion, although these values are important to the Freemasons. 


The organization has several different
venues in Brussels, which always have discreet outlook. One of these venues
located right in Persil street, small and narrow street connecting Martyrs
square (Place des Martyrs) to Marais street (Rue du Marais). That can be
identified only by the triangle on the wall, the symbol of the Freemasonry.


However for some time, those who visit
the Masonic temple suffer from ever growing verbal offences made by teenagers
who hang out at Martyrs square. Reported one member of the philanthropies
friend’s. “This is not new, however the events becoming more and more
aggressive”. On Monday, June 13, a group was stalking outside of the front
door. They questioned those who came in order to find out what goes on in these
places, whether it’s a cult or a synagogue. One young man even made a threat,
saying that if this is a synagogue, he will “burn it!” so said the Freemason
which by his opinion, generally speaking, this type incidents are becoming  more common in the past few months.