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Santiago de Compostela city council joins the BDS campaign!

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Santiago de Compostela – On Tuesday 10 November, Santiago city
council passed a motion declaring itself a space free from discrimination
against the Palestinian people and supporting the BDS Campaign. 


The city councillor Concepción Fernández, from the Compostela Aberta
municipal group,  defended the motion put
to the seven main cities in Galiza by BDS-Galiza. The ruling electoral alliance
in the City Hall, Compostela Aberta, and two of the groups in the opposition,
the Socialist Party (PSdeG-PSOE) and the Galizan Nationalist Bloc (BNG) voted
in favour, while the People’s Party (PP) abstained.


The full text of the motion passed by Santiago City Council:


motion presented by the Compostela Aberta municipal group at the plenary
meeting of the city council regarding the request for Santiago city council to
support the global BDS campaign


Concepción Fernández Fernández, councillor for  Social Policy, Diversity and Healthcare,
tabled the following EMERGENCY MOTION for approval at the city council plenary


In July 2005 a broad-based coalition of Palestinian groups launched the
Global BDS Campaign (boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israeli
settlements, apartheid and occupation) against Israel, urging “people of
conscience around the world to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment
initiatives against Israel” as a measure designed to help put an end to the
increasingly bloody ethnic cleansing inflicted on the Palestinian people.


Trade unions, universities, grassroots organisations, consumer
associations, pacifist movements, municipalities, artists, students and
professionals from all walks of life and from all around the world have come
together in a peaceful, citizen’s movement whose influence increases daily.
This global movement has become the touchstone for solidarity with Palestine.
It is a global movement that Galiza cannot afford not to be part of.


For these reasons, the Compostela Aberta municipal group tables to
following motion before the plenary session of Santiago de Compostela City
Council for its approval:


To declare Santiago City Council as a space free from discrimination against
the Palestinian people and supporting the BDS Campaign with the following aims:


To end occupation and settlements in all of the Palestinian territories and to
dismantle the wall;


recognise the basic rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens living in Israel to
full equality;


recognise the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and
properties as stated in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194;


To refrain from collaborating with the State of Israel, its public bodies and
its official representatives in the Spanish State and in any kind of
agricultural, educational, trade, cultural or security projects;


To spread awareness of the BDS Campaign and to support it in all areas
(economy, culture, sports, academia and public institutions).