The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

A wave of antisemitic graffiti in the streets of Paris

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Paris – On the night between Friday and Saturday, a series of antisemitic graffiti
vandalized Faubourg du Temple
Street in Ménilmontant quarter and Cavendish Street in
the 19th quarter. Some examples of graffiti, inspired by theories of
Alan Sorrell and Dieudonné: “Israel sterilizes black
people”, “atheist Jew = Racism”, “Sorrell is right.”
In Ménilmontant, some of them focused on the anti-fascist movement, accusing it
of collaborating with Israel’s
policy in Palestine
or compare it to the Socialist Party or the capitalists. Some party members
were mentioned by their full names. We’ll spare you the sight of those
scribbles. However, we can see this distraction in Panoyaux street: