France / 08-10-2015

Alain Soral convicted for antisemitic remarks

Source: Le Figaro

The court of appeals of Paris confirmed today the conviction of the radical right-wing author Alain Soral, requiring him to pay a fine of 6,000 euros for inciting hatred against the journalist Frédéric Haziza and against the Jews as well.


Moreover, Alain Soral will also be required to delete the words he wrote about Mr. Haziza from videos distributed over the Internet. In a video published in December 2012, Alain Bonnet, a.k.a. Soral, his nickname, called Frédéric Haziza, a journalist at the parliamentary channel (LCP) and radio J, "Stupid of Month" since he refused to receive him in order to talk about his latest book, and reprimanded him for "conveying messages of hate, violence, racism and antisemitism".


On his website, Alain Soral described Mr. Haziza as "a journalist of a community about which we have no right to talk about, [a community] which is occupying... Yes, that's the correct word... We are talking about occupation... almost the whole ideological structure of France" and is carrying out "a work of tribal censorship".


In the verdict, the court of appeals of Paris ruled that the words of Alain Soral are within the bounds of "the most stereotypical antisemitism, and constitute a libel against a community, libelously claiming that it is supposedly seeking to deny the French their freedom of expression". As for the anti-Zionism which Alain Soral referred to, the Court, the court is of the opinion that it is literally "the outworn excuse of that very antisemitism".


Furthermore, Alain Soral was required to pay Mr. Frédéric Haziza damages amounting to 3000 Euros, and 1 Euro to five organizations involved in the struggle against racism.