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United States / 24-04-2014

Swastika painted on Jewish man's home

Source: wlwt

Price Hill, Ohio - A Price Hill man is in fear Thursday morning after he awoke to find a swastika spray-painted on his home.


The resident of the home, Ralph Ford, said he has not stopped shaking since he woke up and found the hate crime painted on his front door.


Ford is Jewish and lives in the home with his wife.


There have been some tensions in the Price Hill neighborhood, but he never expected this, Ford said.


Ford reported the incident to police and he said they told him they’re investigating it as a hate crime.


Ford said he has lived there for about two years, basically house sitting for a friend who is giving him a deal on rent.


There was recently a group chanting “white power” in the street, but he is not sure if that had anything to do with the spray-painting Ford said. He doesn’t know who would go as far as to paint a swastika on his door to intimidate him and his wife.


One of Ford’s neighbors said they had a run in with each other, but that he would not ever paint a symbol on Ford’s door.


“Instant fear, more scared than I have ever been, cold chills ran all the way through me. I fear for my wife. I fear for our safety,” Ford said.


Ford said he is planning to move as soon as he can but it looks like it will be June before he is able to move.