The rise of global antisemitism: The devil that never dies

Source: http://video.foxnews.com/v/2663158815001/the-foxhole-910-a-new-perspective-on-anti-semitism-today/?playlist_id=162223

James Rosen talks to Daniel Goldhagen about his new book which takes a new perspective on antisemitism in the world today with voluminous data.


In THE DEVIL THAT NEVER DIES, Goldhagen breaks new ground by showing:


- That antisemitism is, for the first time in history, everywhere in the world - hence, as he has originally termed it, “global” antisemitism.


- Why antisemitism’s enormous upsurge during the past few decades took everyone by surprise and why it happened.

- That global antisemitism has been incorporated into the heart of Arab and Islamic civilization, is enormously widespread throughout Europe, and still exists powerfully even in the United States.


- That antisemitism, in its longevity, quality, quantity, and global reach, is singular among prejudices - outstripping them all on each of these dimensions.


- Why antisemitism has been the most mass-murderous prejudice in human history.


- How most “anti-Zionism” or “anti-Israelism” is really by masked antisemitism - that neither can the obsessive animus toward Israel be explained by Israel’s conduct, nor can Israel’s conduct explain why the age-old, classical antisemitic accusations have such a widespread and powerful life today.


- How antisemitism has infiltrated to the sinews of the international order, especially the United Nations and the international human rights community.


- That much of global antisemitism is genocidal in potential - with the Nazis and what they did to Jews an explicit model for many antisemites.


- That the redemonization of Jews may be in the beginning stages in the United States, and therefore why it is urgent not to be complacent about antisemitism here.