Spain / 12-07-2013

Acts of racism and intolerance in Extramadura (an autonomous community in Western Spain) 2012


The movement against intolerance has presented today its 2012 Raxen report. Racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, neo-fascism, homophobia and other forms of expression associated with intolerance through deeds. On the other hand, in Badajoz the anti-racial, anti-fascist bloc (Bloque antiracist Antifascista) has been established.


A report of the movement against intolerance warns against the existence of racist groups in all the autonomous communities - more than 1,500 xenophobic internet sites, dozens of concerts of neo-fascist music and more than 10,000 sites of the extreme right. In Spain, 4,000 violent incidents motivated by discrimination and racism occur each year.


Incidents of racism, xenophobia and neo-fascism in Extremadura for 2012 – in Spanish