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Finland / 02-03-2013

Finnish police find ‘Jew list’ at neo-Nazi’s home


Helsinki - Finnish police have informed several members of the country’s Jewish community that a neo-Nazi activist has been gatheirng information about them.


Police sent a letter to an undisclosed number of individuals after finding details about Finnish Jews on a USB stick in the possession of a man arrested two months ago, according a report Friday in the Israeli daily Ma’ariv.


The man was taken into custody in connection with a stabbing that took place at the library of Jyvaskyla, a city 170 miles north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. When police searched his apartment they found the USB stick containing a folder named “Jews.” It contained 300 photos and information, mostly about teenagers.


The name of the suspect was not disclosed as it is subject to a gag order. Finnish Jews have been instructed to exercise caution in revealing information about the events on Facebook and other social networks.