Britain / 01-03-2012

Britain - Abusive behavior, February 2012 (23 incidents)


01/03/2012 London

The security guard at a Jewish school reported that in the block of flats next door to their location a Wi-Fi connection has been named Auschwitz Fan Club.


01/03/2012 Manchester

The reporter was travelling through the city centre in a taxi and noticed some graffiti written on a hoarding around a building development. The graffiti read "JEW JEW JEW BABY".


02/03/2012 Bradford, West Yorkshire

The victim was a caller on a national radio show. The topic on the show was racial behaviour and the victim told of how he is an Orthodox Jewish man who travels the country as a salesman selling opthalmic products.

The victim said he was attending one of his customers shops and was told that they cannot buy his products anymore because he is Jewish. The customer had been threatened by a group of younger local Asians.


03/03/2012 Salford

The victim was walking along the road when a vehicle drove past and the driver houted "Oy" at him and then raised his middle finger at him.      

The victim is visibly Jewish, wearing a kippah.


03/03/2012 London

It has been reported that a man stood outside a Jewish restaurant and as customers left he shouted antisemitic abuse at them as well as saying "I love Hitler".


03/03/2012 London

An antisemitic voice message was left on a Synagogues answer phone.

The message says: "My name is Mudah,I hate  Jews (pause), I hate the Jews. Why don't you all get out you corrupting everyone. Dirty Jews go back to Israel. Dirty, dirty, filthy Jews."


05/03/2012 Hendon, London

While queueing in a supermarket, the reporter overheard a man speaking to staff about a football match. The man then said "did you see all those Yids?". The man was talking very loudly, almost as if he wanted people to hear.


05/03/2012 Manchester

Three white males who were in their late teens, with shaved heads and foreign accents, were seen walking through a residential neighbourhood. As they passed through they were shouting "Heil         Hitler", making Nazi salutes and were goosestepping.



A non Jewish man received an antisemitic text message. The man was having a row with a friend over money and the friend sent a message saying "I don't want your heart for best ....... fake, it stinks, I just want your money you Jew".


14/03/2012 London

A Jewish student was campaigning to become a community officer for his university and had printed posters for this campaign. Two of these posters have reportedly been defaced with swastikas.


16/03/2012 Harrow Wield, Harrow

A man was driving to a friends from Synagogue on a Friday night. He decided to stop off to get some wine and when he returned to his car there was a car infront of his blocking the road.        

The victim rolled down his window and asked politely for the people in front to move. Five men in the car in front got out of the car and approached the victims vehicle. One man shouted "Shutup you fucking Jewish cunt" and the men surrounded the car and tried to smash his windows and get to the victim.            

The victim did not know what to do and so he drove forward pushing the man in front of the car to the ground and he drove off. He drove slowly and saw the man get up after he was knocked down so was satisfied that he did not cause any harm to the offender.


17/03/2012 Stanmore, London

A Jewish family were walking back from lunch on Shabbat and as they approached the zebra crossing a car filled with men sped over to them, pressed the horn in a repetitive and aggressive manner and the man in the front passenger seat wound down the window and made rude hand gestures at the family.


17/03/2012 Bushey

The victim was leaving a Synagogue service on Shabbat and as he walked out there were two men walking towards a group of congregants. As the men passed one of them shouted "fucking Jews" and the reporter asked him "what did you just say?". The other man tried to calm the situation and they both denied that anything was said. The men then went into the pub next door to the Synagogue. 



The victim was walking home after going shopping with her baby when she passed a man who was shouting anti Zionist things at Jewish looking people.        

Although the reporter does not look visibly Jewish she happened to be walking next to a religious looking woman and so the man turned to them and said "You're fucking Jewish, aren't you".


21/03/2012 Hendon, London

The reporter was in a shop in a prominently Jewish area and as he walked out he heard either the shop owner or an employee mumbling comments which included "fucking Zionist cunts".



The victim received a hand written note with references to Hitler on it.



The reporter informed CST that an elderly gentleman who is a holocaust survivor, received an antisemitic hate mail.      

It made references to the writer being "Hitler" and saying he was back and will seek his revenge. There was also a drawing of a swastika.


21/03/2012    London

The victim is employed by a charity which helps the homeless.

One of his colleagues has been making racist and antisemitic comments. One of the comments included calling the victim a "fucking little Hitler"



A Jewish woman had a problem in her flat and called the management agency to ask for insurance details to make a claim. The management agency would not give the insurance details as they said "it is your fault as you hired Polish builders" she then heard in the background a woman shout "I heard that Jew woman turned the water off".

When she asked who made that comment she was told it was a Jewish person who said it and would not give any details of who it was.


24/03/2012 Golders Green, London

A Jewish man was driving along a narrow road and came towards a van. Neither vehicle could get through and the two drivers were getting annoyed at one another as both refused to reverse. In the end the victim reversed to let the van through and as they came next to one another the other driver shouted at the victim "Hitler should have finished the job with you fuckers". 



A young Jewish boy and two of his friends were travelling on a bus when a man who was standing at the back of the bus started shouting repeatedly "mighty Hitler, should have killed all the Jews" and other things like "All you bloody Jews". One of the boys replied "mighty Hitler has gone", the man then started to walk towards the boys who got nervous and sat down.         

The man walked past the boys and approached the bus driver and said "why did you let bloody cunt Jews on the bus?".


27/03/2012 Stamford Hill, London

A man was seen standing on the corner of a road looking at a Jewish school. The reporter walked towards the man and nodded at him to show that he acknowledged his presence. The man came towards the reporter and asked him what the building was. The reporter replied "it is a school". He then looked around and said "its for these Jewish people innit" to which the reporter replied "its just a school for people. Christian, Jewish, English or African, we are all just people".

The reporter tried to take a photograph of the man discreetly with his phone but the man started to walk away while saying "I'm African and I hate fucking Jewish people".


28/03/2012 Surrey

A Jewish chaplain received a letter containing two pamphlets which were anti Catholic and antisemitic in nature. One of these pamphlets centres on "to destroy" and recruiting Jews to help.

The other is about how Catholic are using the EU to attack Britain and contained an EU flag with a swastika in place of one of the stars.

After receiving and opening the letters the victim felt burning on his left hand, eyes and face and contacted the emergency services who took him to the hospital for tests, which did not reveal any dangerous substance.