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United States / 16-03-2012

Hear the antisemitic message sent to a blaze advertiser who asked for donations for a holocaust museum


Houston - Earlier this week, a Blaze sponsor published an advertisement calling for donations to help preserve a fishing boat of the type used to smuggle more than 7,220 of Denmark’s Jews to safety during the Holocaust.


The 70-year-old boat, the Hanne Frank, is on display at the Holocaust Museum in Houston, and vessels like it ferried Danish Jews to safety in Sweden, saving them from almost certain death.


The conservation group B.R. Howard and Associates, Inc. put out a call on The Blaze Monday for individuals willing to donate to the Hanne Frank’s restoration. What followed the next day was a venomous, hate-filled, anti-Semitic message left on the company’s voicemail.


Braeden Howard, the company’s project manager, recorded the message and posted it online. Listen below, partial transcript follows:


Content warning — very strong and offensive language




I was calling about the boat thing you’re doing this - I don‘t even know what it’s called. This, this boat thing I guess that hauled away some of the vermin from Europe and allowed them to escape their fate brought on by their own actions.


Here’s my suggestion, not only would I not give you a fucking dime for it, but my best suggestion is that you burn that piece of shit and the reason being that we don’t want them to use it again to get away next time.


See? Cause they’ve built up another great big bill the same way they did the last time by fucking with another person’s country. Only this time it’s our country instead of Germany. So if it were Balfour Declaration, the Versailles Treaty that caused them all that land and the boycott started –


The Americans are getting the exact same treatment this time around. Three thousand of our people blown up in New York City on top of the U.S.S. Liberty, on top of the Federal Reserve bank and a hundred years of strangulation by these Zionist Jew rat fucking cock sucking vermin and you want to show me this wooden piece of shit!


Take the wooden piece of shit and shove it up your fucking ass you kike asslicking fucking dogs. Burn that piece of shit because we don’t want them getting away ever again. Do you fucking understand me? Fuck yourselves.