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United States / 06-02-2011

Shocking racist, Jew-hating video of Lamis Deek, the extremist Muslim lawyer for the Sheepshead Bay mega mosque


Lamis DeekLamis Deek

NEW-YORK - Lamis Deek is identified in the video as being from Al-Awda, NY (The Palestine Right to Return Coalition). In the video she advocates for the annihilation of the Jewish State. She speaks of a "democratic Muslim state in place of Israel -- equal rights for all."  She speaks about full equality.


The Jews are welcome to stay contingent upon "full dismantlement of all Zionist structures, all Zionist laws, all Zioist institutions." She speaks of Jewish supremacy in a country (Israel) where all people of all races and religions live free in the only democratic society in the Middle East. Islamic law in the 56 Muslim countries in the world is the most extreme racist, misogynistic and intolerant legal system in the world.