Britain / 21-08-2009

Britain - Vacation area for Jewish community vandalized with swastikas


A series of alledged antisemitic attacks are being investigated by police in a Welsh seaside town, Aberystwyth , where strictly Orthodox Jews were on holiday.

Officers in Aberystwyth responded to reports of swastikas painted on grass and sheets of paper daubed with the Nazi symbol being scattered near a student village where dozens of Chasidic Jews were staying.

30 sheets of paper with swastikas printed on them were found on a road close to Ynyslas beach. It was thought they had been thrown from a window.

The following day, officers were told a swastika had been painted on grass outside a golf course in nearby Borth.

The Cambrian News reported that witnesses had also seen a group of youths walking through the town centre making Heil Hitler salutes.