Britain / 13-11-2009

Britain – The State of Israel does not appear on the globe


The State of Israel does not appear on the globe which is sold in a branch of the Smyths Toys toys stores line,

Even worse than the fact that Israel has simply been omitted, the geographical location of the state has been mentioned with the word "Palestine" and in larger letters than "Name of the State", is written the name of Jerusalem. There is no reminder of Israel.

Meir Porat, who has reported this case to the Alondon site, has contacted the chain store through the mail and has complained about the issue.

He has mentioned that he believed that the globe is supposed to be an educative tool and as such, it was both inaccurate and deceiving, especially for people with a poor level of knowledge about the Middle-East. He even claimed that none editor nor manufacturer who respect themselves would dare omitting the State of Israel, or, worse, exchange it for Palestine (that is not a state acknowledged for by the international community), but only in case they were particularly corrupted, biased and/or antisemite.

Despite a long exchange of emails and without one word of apology, the directors of the chain have not agreed to withdraw the misleading globes from the sales or to exchange them for new and correct ones.

The magazine's edition has turned to the stores' clients department and has asked for a clarification to these claims. Mrs. Katriona, a representative of the Smyths Toys' clients service, has written in reaction: "Israel appears on the globe, it is not missing and its name is mentioned through the numeral index like many other states."

Israel is represented by the number 6. Photo: Hadar Porat

The writer was the deputy director of the security in the London Jewish Agency and has been living with his family in North London for the last ten years.

The mentioned branch is located at:

Unit 9, Friern Bridge Retail Park,

Friern Barnet, Pegasus Way, N11 3PW

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