Italy / 12-04-2017

A person assaulted the policemen, saying "You are Jews, I will kill you".

Source: ilrestodelcarlino

Bologna - He shouted curses in Arabic, and scared the passers-by, who called the police. When the police had arrived yesterday evening in San Vitale Street in order to understand what was going on, they found the man, a 30-year old Tunisian, sitting comfortably on the stairs of a Church, with earpieces on the ears.


But when the thirty year old person had seen the policemen, he stood up, took out a knife and shouted towards the policemen: "You are Jews, I will kill you all". Yet the policemen did not let him scare them, as they disarmed and arrested him. However, when they put handcuffs on him, the Tunisian reacted by injuring two policemen in the shoulder and in the cheekbone, causing to one of them an injury, the treatment of which is expected to last 3 days, and to the other -  an injury, the treatment of which is expected to last 5 days. The Tunisian, who had no criminal record, was arrested on charge of causing injuries and resisting a public servant. Likewise, a few grams of hashish were found on said thirty year old man, in addition to the knife that was seized.