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Argentina / 04-04-2017

Antisemitic attack against Alex Kowsetzki

Source: lafarandula

Buenos Aires - the famous filmmaker Axel Kuschevatzky published on his Facebook page a screen shot of an insult about his religion he had received on his Whatsapp account together with reactions of people on this insult.


The film producer received a Whatsapp message sent by a young man named Nicolás Yáñez, who had contacted him in the past many times.


The interesting thing is that this time the message was violent and antisemitic: "Jew," was the last word he wrote at 00:31 last Friday.


Kuschevatzky responded with wise words and decided to share the threat with his Facebook contacts: "a person named Nicolas Yañez started sending me messages by Whatsapp. At first they were friendly but quickly became frantic. Thus ends the joke".