Singapore / 02-04-2017

Singapore Imam apologizes for anti-Jewish comment

Source: straitstimes

The apology by an imam who allegedly made remarks against Christians and Jews is a "positive move" that ought to be taken into consideration, said Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob on Sunday (April 2).


Speaking on the sidelines of a community event in Marsiling, Madam Halimah said: "He apologised, he gathered together all the people from different faiths, and it was a great initiative on his part."


On Sunday morning, he also visited the Maghain Aboth Synagogue on Waterloo Street to apologise for his remarks.


To All Singaporeans.

I am filled with great remorse for the inconvenience, tension and trauma that I have caused to this peaceful country.

My actions were not complementary to the ethos and essence of this young yet great nation.


What I did, was done within the limitations of my personal exposure and adaptability. I had recited the additional supplication in Arabic, which was taken from an old text that originated from my village in India. It was not an extract from the Holy Quran.


As a resident here from a foreign land, I should have practised my faith in accordance with, and appropriate to, the social norms and laws of this country. I fully admit that my said actions have no place, wheresoever, in this extremely multi-religious and multi-cultural society.


This episode has educated and enlightened me, and I am deeply thankful to God for this realisation. I am also very relieved that the society has remained calm. I am glad that the Police had given me the full opportunity to explain myself during the investigations.


I fully respect the laws of the land and appreciate the concerns of her people. I am truly sorry that I had offended you, and I must bear full responsibility for my actions, as part of my duty to all Singaporeans and residents.


Accompanied by leaders from several faith groups, he met Rabbi Mordechai Abergel and several members of the Jewish community to convey his apologies.


The Ministry of Home Affairs said Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel, a 47-year-old imam from India, will be repatriated.