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Australia / 15-03-2017

Caller threatens to kill Melbourne Jewish gym owner

Source: dailymail

Melbourne - An abusive caller threatened to shoot a Jewish gym owner in the head and demanded he 'get the fuck out of the country'.


The expletive-laden call was placed to self-defence gym IDF Training, run by outspoken Israeli army veteran and prominent community member Avi Yemini.


A recording of the conversation revealed the caller exchanged pleasantries with the gym's offsite reception, who offered to deliver a message to Mr Yemini.


'Is he the ex-IDF bloke?' the unidentified caller asked, to which the jovial call centre operator replied 'yeah 100 per cent'.


'So he knows how to shoot Palestinians?' was the response from the increasingly agitated caller on the recording obtained by Daily Mail Australia.


The staunchly professional operator took it in his stride, saying 'I'm not too sure to be honest with you', before the caller launched into an antisemitic tirade.


'He does, the fuckin' cockscuker. Well I wanna learn how to shoot, because I wanna shoot him in the fuckin' head. He's a fuckin' cocksuckin' Zionist. Why are you even working there mate?'


After a short pause the operator repeated that he was just the offsite reception, but was quickly cut off.


'You tell Avi to get the fuck out of the country, the fuckin' cocksucking fuckin' Jew,' the caller snarled.


Mr Yemini said he did not know who the man on the line was, but had traced the call to Deer Park, a predominantly Muslim suburb of Melbourne.