Sweden / 12-03-2017

PewDiePie continues with his antisemitic games: this time he is Hitler who kills Jews in a computer game

Source: Walla

YouTube star, Felix Kleiberg, known by tens of millions of people who subscribed to his channel as “PewDiePie”, was faced last month with harsh criticism after the publication of antisemitic jokes. Some of its most prominent sponsors, including the management of Disney and YouTube itself, have announced that they will not work with him anymore. PewDiePie quickly apologized and argued that his words were taken out of context and that it only was satire and humor.


But a new video he uploaded on his channel shows his antisemitic humor is even more extreme. In the video named "Hitler simulator", Kleiberg plays a new action game named Conan Exiles, in which the main figure looks like Hitler (the game is very limited). If this is not clear enough, Kleiberg calls his enemies in the game “Jews” as he tries to kill them.


The players encounter different enemies, other actors, animals and more. Every enemy PewDiePie encountered during the game - human or animal – is called a Jew of different levels. The levels are a joke of gamers, but the moment where PewDiePie hits an enemy to death with a stone and calls him a Jew will annoy every person, even if he is not sensitive to antisemitism.


At the end of the video, PewDiePie gives credit to the production team, all of them senior members of the Nazi party and the German army, such as Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler. This is clearly a joke at the expense of his critics in order to instigate an even bigger storm, although his apology about previous videos "in case it hurts anyone” seems a little ridiculous.