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United States / 11-03-2017

Temple De Hirsch Sinai vandalized with antisemitic graffiti; suspicious package found

Source: komonews

Seattle, WA - Temple De Hirsch Sinai, a synagogue on Capitol Hill, has been vandalized with anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying graffiti.


Rabbi Daniel Weiner says the message reads “The Holocaust is fake history.” The “s” characters in the graffiti are dollar signs.


Police are also investigating a suspicious package that has been left at the temple. There is no indication what is in the package. The bomb unit has responded.



Neighbor’s quick work covers antisemitic graffiti

A Capitol Hill neighbor took things into his own hands after antisemitic graffiti was found Friday morning near 14th and Union on the property of Temple De Hirsch Sinai.


CHS arrived to find the neighbor covering the spray painted message with a message of his own painted on a bed sheet and taped to cover the wall. The neighbor told CHS he felt compelled to cover the graffiti because he didn’t want the message of one bad person to take on greater significance and reflect poorly on his new neighborhood.