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France / 09-03-2017

Antisemitic comments by French university professor

Source: timesofisrael

Pau - François Roby, currently a professor of physics at the University of Pau wrote on his blog of “the influence of ‘a non-existing lobby’ but which has had a huge responsibility for many bloody events for at least around a century, for example the Russian Revolution of 1917.”


Roby has also posed in front of a McDonalds while making the quenelle gesture popularised by the antisemitic comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala.


In a letter to university authorities, CRIF President Francis Khalifat wrote that “apart from his racist frenzies, M. Roby has not ceased to specifically attack a segment of the French population. Clearly, M. Roby has a serious problem with Jews, who he often requalifies as ‘Zionists’, even and particularly of those who make no claims to it. 


On February 24, the university authorities informed CRIF that they had decided “to take into account this information and to place it in the file within the framework of the disciplinary procedure launched at the end of 2016” against François Roby.