Mexico / 12-02-2017

Mexico City report on antisemitism

Source: CDMX

The Holocaust was one of the worst human tragedies in history. One might have expected that after this, antisemitism would have vanished from the earth. However, this behavior has proven to be repetitive and prevalent in everyday life in various places, both on the street or on social networks, and it serves to discredit and disrespect Jews, whether for their culture, traditions or ways of life. The memory of the Holocaust is preserved so that we never forget and it allows us to prevent similar tragedies from happening again to other people.


The aim of this activity report is to inform the public of actions that have been taken by the city council of Mecico city, whose aim is to ensure that Mexicans of Jewish origin, of both sexes, living in Mexico city or passing through it, will have full equal rights and a life free of stigmas and discrimination, in order to impress today on every antisemitic or anti-Jewish person that they are actually conspiring against humanity as a whole. For this reason, we in Mexico city take this combat very seriously, not only to protect Jews but also to protect any person who might become a victim of an attempt to annihilate a group of people, just like during the Holocaust.