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Germany / 09-02-2017

Antisemitic chant in stadium- police officers injured during riots

Source: Thüringen24

Erfurt - “JENA Jews”- chant in Erfurt stadium- police officers injured during riot


During the football game between Erfurt and FSV Frankfurt 1899 there were several events in the new multi-purpose stadium in Erfurt. According to police fans of ERFURT offended the visitors who subsequently tried to break the fence. Employees of a safety plant barely managed to stop the riot.


“JENA JEWS” were the chants heard throughout the stadium. Meaning the fans of the Fc Carl Zeiss Jena who were standing next to the fans of Frankfurt


But the anti-Semitic or racist chants were not the reason for police investigation that was set up due to aggression on the part of the police officers. After things heated up near the gate, police took action against home fans and tried to separate between the banner carriers, using pepper spray and bayonets. One of the fans stepped on the head of a policewoman. Another policeman was lightly injured when fans stepped on his upper body. Furthermore, a security man for the Erfurt fans was punched in his face.