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United States / 09-02-2017

Teens painted 'Fuck Jews'

Source: dnainfo

Chicago, IL - A group of teenagers broke into now-vacant St. Cornelius School, spray-painted racist and antisemitic graffiti and posted it all on Snapchat.


Around 8 p.m. on Jan. 27, the youths climbed into the building, 5252 N. Long Ave., through a bathroom window, smashed about 15 computers and painted swastikas alongside messages like "Fuck Jews" and "Nigger Die," according to the report. The culprits left candy wrappers and bottles of rum and beer behind them.


Police obtained a Snapchat video of one of the suspects, whom a tipster identified as a "former student" now attending a different school, according to the report. One graffiti message made crude mention of "Father Dan," apparently referring to the Rev. Daniel Fallon, the head pastor of St. Cornelius Rectory.