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United States / 09-02-2017

Racist and antisemitic emails sent to University engineering, computer science students

Source: michigandaily

Ann Arbor, MI - Tuesday night, at least three racist emails were sent out to University of Michigan Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate students. 


The subjects of the first two emails was “African American Student Diversity” and the third read “Jewish Student Diversity.”


The first two emails read: “Hi n*****s, I just wanted to say that I plan to kill all of you.  White power!  The KKK has returned!!! Heil Trump!!!!”


The third reads: “Hi you fucking filthy jews, I just wanted to say the SS will rise again and kill all of your filthy souls. Die in a pit of eternal fire! Sincerely, Dr. Alex Halderman.”


The emails were sent by three separate University uniqnames — all of which are administrators of the listservs, potentially indicative the listservs via the University’s online contact server, MCommunity, may have been hacked.


University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald could not provide further information, but confirmed the University had been apprised of the situation.