Switzerland / 02-02-2017

2016 antisemitism report in French-speaking Switzerland (Suisse Romande)

Source: CICAD

The CICAD publishes its annual analysis report on antisemitism in French-speaking Switzerland


Even though the number of violent incidents against Jews in Switzerland is lower than the numbers recorded in other European countries, the number of antisemitic incidents reported in French-speaking Switzerland (Suisse Romande) has remained high.


The continuing threat of jihadist terrorism still inspires genuine fear among Jewish communities, especially following the latest developments in Switzerland.


Moreover, the activities of radical right groups increased as they benefited from the rise of populism and the curtailment of radicalism in Europe. For these groups, anti-Semitic obsession continues to be the driving ideological force.


Therefore, the year 2016 was characterized by antisemitism rooted in old antisemitic ideologies and in banal terms.


Out of the 153 antisemitic incidents reported this year, 42% are related to the « International Jewish conspiracy » (compared to 22% of the total of incidents reported in 2015), 20% are related to Holocaust denial theories and 22% to « classical » anti-Semitic theories.


Furthermore, there has been a sharp rise in the number of antisemitic attacks on social media in 2016, compared to 2016. The overwhelming majority (68%) of these attacks are antisemitic comments spread by French-speaking groups aligned with the far-right. The mapping of these groups and their players was discussed in a press conference to mark the presentation of the report, on February 2, 2016.