United States / 01-02-2017

Virginia Jewish couple's home defaced with antisemitic graffiti

Source: ynet

A Jewish couple from northern Virginia returned home this week to discover that vandals had visited their home and decorated their front door with antisemitic and Nazi graffiti, on two separate occasions. 


A swastika was the first nasty surprise left on the front door of their home, located in a wealthy county in northern Virginia.


Mia Bermann and Shai Van Gelder returned home the following day on Tuesday evening to find the words "Jew pigs" had been added below the swastika.


Mia Bermann posted pictures of her front door to Facebook, along with the words: "Please, tell me more about how racism, antisemitism, etc. no longer exists. GO AHEAD. I FUCKKING DARE YOU. We live in the wealthiest county in Northern Virginia, 20 minutes outside of our nation's capital. Repulsed, angry, sickened, nauseated, full of despair... none of them begin to describe what it felt like to walk up to my door and see this. Is there any kindness left in this world?!"


After returning home to find the added graffiti she uploaded a new picture, commenting: "Our newest addition. I am terrified."


The couple reported the incidents to the police as well as to the Anti Defamation league and other Jewish organizations, in addition to arranging to install cameras at the entrance to their home.