Turkey / 05-01-2017

Survey concerning “The most Antisemitic incident in 2016”

Source: avlaremoz

We selected 10 Antisemitic incidents that were mentioned in the section “Antisemitic pardon” on the site avlaremoz as part of those that occurred in 2016. The results of the survey that was conducted with the aim of drawing attention to Antisemitic incidents that occurred over the course of the year, are as follows:


We wish for 2017 to be a year free of hatred unlike 2016 which saw many Antisemitic incidents


Distribution by voters’ percentage:


24.6% in a booklet distributed by the Grand Mufti’s office in Istanbul regarding the new mosque, a sentence reads: “The Eminönü district was a filthy Jewish and Christian neighborhood.”


16.4% Burhan Kuzu, MP from Istanbul representing the justice and development party, emphasized that “Jews have been part of the coup attempt on July 15”.


14.1% the president’s senior advisor, Seref Malkoc, said that “Whoever sends his children to the Fetullah Gulen schools is providing the Jews with soldiers.”


9,6% Antisemitic posters against Jehovah witnesses and Jews pasted around the neighborhoods of Prikoi and Tetballa in the Şişli district.


8,5% Antisemitic content was broadcasted live on “Periscope” while the first wedding took place in a synagogue in Edirne in 41 years.


6,6% the definition of the word “swindler” is listed in the files of the Turkish Language Association as “Jew” and “swindler”.


6,3% Desecration of graves in the Jewish cemetery in Antakya

5,2% the Antisemitic comments made on Social media networks after the match between Beşiktaş and the Israeli league as part of the UEFA Cup.


4,7% the sale of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in book markets.


4,0% comments on Social media regarding the reopening of the Estipol Synagogue for prayers, for the first time in 65 years.