Hungary / 30-11-2016

A large number of Hungarians believe in racial theory

Source: hvg

According to a European study, the socialist voters in Hungary hate foreigners almost as much as the members of the Jobbik party. The data were recorded here in the spring of last year and the recurrence of the phenomenon is dramatic.


The latest research of the social survey (European Survey Social) shows that the number of people who would not have allowed poorer people from countries outside Europe to enter their country, rose dramatically during the last two years (this is also confirmed in a research of the Institute for Social Research in Budapest). The latest documentation of the data is from spring 2015. According to data published by project managers in Hungary [Messing Vera, Róbert Péter, Ságvári Bence, colleagues at the Institute for Research in Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of History) the numbers did not drop compared to previous years.