Turkey / 23-09-2016

"Opposition to Zionism - Muslim ignorance": A special column by Turkish television commentator

Source: nrg

By Adnan Oktar


"Nationalism was born with "Peace of Westphalia", a series of agreements signed in 1648. Since then it has spread and intensified even more with the French Revolution of 1789, to the extent that the dream of the nation-state has designed the international politics for over 150 years, this national enthusiasm has motivated political independency wars. Those who responsible for this wars had a burning desire to unit under one flag people with common cultural background, who speaks a common language and are residents of a common territory. But from hundreds of national liberation movements, one stands out the worse, slandered and accused of malicious conspiracy theories.


This movement aims to liberate the Jewish people from all exiles around the world and unit them in one country once again. This liberation movement named after Mount Zion in Israel - and became known as Zionism. The Jewish people in the diaspora communities, deported from wherever sought refuge, had decided to set up its own state in the land of his ancestors. All contemporary national movement was supported by friends and fought against enemies, while Zionism faced with unrestrained hostility on the part of any political movement possible. Today, the anti-Israelism, in the guise of anti-Zionism, has become the primary expression of anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews. A whole nation is targeted by physical or verbal violence - women, children, elders, innocent and oppressed alike - just because of their Jewish nationality and their claim to sit at the table of nations with all their colleagues.


Despite the establishment of 22 Arab countries, all of which related to one ethnic source, just the desire of Jews to establish their sovereign state, arouses vehement opposition. Nevertheless, Israel is now a safe haven for millions of persecuted people, those who fled the Nazi genocide, the Soviet tyranny or violence in many other countries. Almost one million Jews from Arab countries were forced to emigrate and leave all of their possessions after the 1948 war.


Judaism in Israel is not defined according to the accepted racial or ethnic terms, unlike in the neighboring countries. Israel is a multicultural, hosting different religions and varied ethnic backgrounds, unlike its neighboring Arab countries. One-fifth of Israel's population are Arabs. In addition, Arabic is an official language in the Jewish state alongside with Hebrew. Holy Places for all religions are protected: There are about 400 mosques, all are protected since the proclamation of the State of Israel.


Despite these facts, groups that accuse the Zionists conspiring to control the world and abuse it, are expending. The only explanation for this phenomenon is anti-Semitism, a modern version of the ancient and irrational rhetoric of Judeophobia. Contrary to popular opinion in the Middle East, Zionism is the aspiration of the Jewish people – who endured oppression, persecution and immense suffering throughout history - to live in freedom and security in the country of their ancestors. The Jewish people lived in this land for 3,500 years, and were exiled out long ago by the tyranny of the Roman Empire. The emergence of the State of Israel is the fulfillment of the dream of this small nation to live securely in their homeland and to govern themselves.


Muslims mostly are not aware of the true meaning of Zionism. When asked why they oppose it, they define Zionism as "an evil system that seeks to destroy the world order" and believe in false claims that it was the source of all evil in the world. Moreover, many Muslims live under the illusion that anti-Israelism Equivalent religious orthodoxy, a fact that makes them act unfairly towards Jews. Therefore it is essential to properly define Zionism for the Arab-Muslim public and put an end to senseless hatred toward Jews.


Hatred of Israel and Zionism is inconsistent with the spirit of the Quran; The murder of innocent Israelis or preaching the deportation of Jews from their ancestral homeland – which is increasing this days not only in the Arab world but also among the left in Europe – are symptoms of lack of conscience. The State of Israel might have drawbacks, but crimes have to be discussed under the law. Islam has a principle of "individual criminal responsibility" Same as exist in international law. You cannot criminalize or punish an entire country without distinction between the innocent and the guilty, or between right and wrong, ignoring contexts.


The claim of some Muslims that they are "fighting against the Jewish people in the name of the Quran" reflects ignorance and it is a desecration of the Quran, since God has given expressly to the Jewish people the right to live in the Holy Land: " Moses said to his people: 'My people, remember Allah's favor upon you when He raised Prophets amongst you and appointed you rulers, and granted to you what He had not granted to anyone else in the world. My people! Enter the holy land which Allah has ordained for you; and do not turn back for then you will turn about losers."(Quran, Sura 5: 20-21).


Despite these explicit commandments in the Quran, sympathizers to Zionism does not seem to exist in the Middle East. On the contrary, hostility to Zionism is acceptable, and one who opposes this trend is likely to endanger his life. But the Quran commands Muslims to be fair, so they must preach not only for the rights of the Palestinians, but also for the rights of the Jewish people. The right to fulfill aspiration for self-determination is reserved for Israelis as well, not just for the Palestinians. The spirit of peace and unity is an urgent necessity for the local community. The Circuit of warfare costs a fortune, which can be used for the welfare of the people instead. More important is the loss of life caused by this unnecessary war.


Once the Arab world will decide to recognize Israel as a neighbor, it can focus on developing the Palestinian people's welfare and well-being of other Arab nations. The efforts and resources wasted on the conflict, on destruction and hatred, will be used to build and nurture the region, swords will be made into shovels, and hatred will turn to science, art and technology.


The distorted view of the Islamic world on Zionism has become over time a false phobia against the Jewish people. Explanation of Zionism is the correct way, and bringing the circle of hatred to an end is the duty of Muslim intellectuals everywhere.


The writer is a Muslim Turk TV commentator, who wrote more than 300 books in 73 languages ​​on political, religious, and scientific issues.