Greece / 18-07-2016

Racist violence recording network - 2015 annual report

Source: rvrn

The Racist Violence Recording Network presented its 2015 annual report, analyzing the quantitative and qualitative findings of racist violence and hate crime recordings by the organizations participating in the Network. 


During the period of January – December 2015, the RVRN recorded, through interviews with the victims, 273 incidents of racist violence with more than 300 victims. In 75 incidents immigrants or refugees were targeted due to their national or ethnic origin, religion or colour. In 185 incidents LGBTQI persons were targeted. From the 185 incidents against LGBTQI people, in 10 incidents, the victims have been targeted as activists.  In 5 incidents, human rights defenders were targeted either because of their action in favour of refugees or/and immigrants, or because of their anti-Semitic action. In 5 incidents sacred or symbolic spaces or spaces used by collectivities were targeted. Finally, for the first time 1 incident against a member of the Muslim community and 2 incidents against Roma children were documented. The 2015 findings were presented by the Assistant Coordinator, Tina Stavrinaki.


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