Hungary / 17-07-2016

2015 Antisemitism report

Source: TEV

The monitoring activity of TEV Foundation identified 52 antisemitic hate crimes from January to December 2015. The number of cases is almost the same as the data for May to December 2013, but is much higher than the 37 cases recorded in 2014. Consequently, there were less cases of hate crimes per month than in 2013, but more cases than in 2014.


Trends seen over the past two-and-a-half years show that the monthly fluctuation in the number of cases is highly arbitrary: although in December and January the number of hate crimes was low, in the political “layoff ” time of August the numbers are very high. During the parliamentary election campaign of 2014, the number of registered cases was low, but in the period preceding the local elections, the numbers were much higher.