Argentina / 10-07-2016

2015 Antisemitism report

Source: DAIA

71 percent of the antisemitic expressions complaints in the year 2015 refer to the internet and almost 80 percent of it was antisemitic expressions took place in the online version of the most important media outlets, determined by the annual report, which says in addition that since the year 2011 the cyberspace "constitutes a preferred environment for this type of attacks."


Since 2011, the internet is the preferred sector for attackers to execute antisemitic discrimination acts, compared to 29 percent who split between Buenos Aires city (22%), Buenos Aires county (6%) and other counties (1%), when its assumed that the internet is another geographic variable, specifies the report of the Jewish communities in Argentina umbrella organization (DAIA).


"Out of the 71 percent of complaints about antisemitic expressions online, the most common are talkbacks of readers in media outlets portals, 79 percent", specified Veronica Cosentino, a researcher at CES-DAIA (the social research center of the umbrella organization for Jewish communities in Argentina),  while publishing  the report in the Argentine Foreign Ministry today.


According to the report, the remaining 21 percent of the complaints relate to antisemitic acts in social networks (17%) And Web sites (4%).


According to studies recently conducted by UNICEF and by Reuters's Institute for press Research, "social networks are a preferred source of information in younger population, over the television", while the elderly population continues to prefer the newspapers, television and other media outlets. The conclusion is that it is the younger population who makes the widest use of this type of forums in order to express their opinions.


CES-DAIA report (the social research center of the umbrella organization for Jewish communities in Argentina) has registered an increase in expressions of antisemitism on the Internet, as the percentage was 33 percent in 2011 and later on reached to 41 percent in 2014 and had skyrocketed to 71-percent in 2015.


Marisa Braylan, Director of the social research center of DAIA, proposed to "act as a society with an antisemitism issues", that its prevalence in the cyberspace, where" oversight of any kind is absent", is rapidly growing over time.


The document alleges that "in 2015, the Jewish community in Argentina was hit by a series of events connected with the death, in mid-January, due to reasons that are still being investigated, of the Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was the Prosecutor in charge of investigating the terrorist bombing at the Office building of the Jewish community in Argentina (DAIA-AMIA) in the year 1994".


In 2014, for the first time, the Internet (41%) overcame of Buenos Aires city (40%), as the sector which recorded the highest rate of Judeophobia discrimination complaints.


"In 2015, the increase was even greater. 71% of the reported incidents within the complaints occurred online, while only 22% of the reported incidents occurred in Buenos Aires city, "adds the report.


According to the document, in 2015, "the largest amount of reported acts within the complaints has been classified under the category" Middle East "(25%). However, in relation to 2014 where the rate in this category was 36%, this is a significant drop.


The report also alleges that "2015 is characterized by an increase in the category "conspiracies and global domination"(15%) and "nationality"(7%).