Ursula Haverbeck fails to overturn prison sentence

Source: spiegel

The appeal of 89-year-old holocaust denier Ursula
Haverbeck, colloquially known as the “Nazi grandma” in Germany,
against her recent prison sentence has been rejected on Tuesday. 


The Celle Higher Regional Court in Lower Saxony ruled that
a two-year prison sentence, without probation, which it had handed to Haverbeck
remained valid.


The octogenarian “Nazi Grandma” was convicted of
sedition on eight counts in August 2017 after the failure of an earlier appeal.


Haverbeck has repeatedly come into conflict with the German
judiciary by publishing articles in far-right journals and magazines which
claim that no Jews were gassed by the National Socialists at the
Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in modern-day Poland. Instead, she
insisted that the notorious institution was merely a labor camp.


Haverbeck’s defense had tried to prevent her conviction by
arguing that the writings in question were protected by the right to free


Speaking to German public broadcaster NDR after the
decision, Haverbeck said that she was uncertain how to proceed. The “Nazi
grandma” told NDR that, although supporters had suggested that she should
flee Germany, this was “not a realistic option” at her age.