Tent of the Tzaddik of Ostrówce desecrated

Source: Arutz Sheva

Ostrówce – Vandals have desecrated the tent of Rabbi
Meir Yechiel HaLevi of the Polish city of Ostrówce, whose burial place was only
recently discovered after considerable efforts by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Halstok,
rabbi of the Heichal Pinhas synagogue in Betar Illit. Worshipers who arrived a
few days ago discovered that an the windows had been smashed and the inner room
had been desecrated.


During the Second World War, the Nazis destroyed the local
cemetery and used the Jewish tombstones to build sidewalks and a wall that
served as the wall of a fence surrounding the Christian cemetery in the city.
Next month will mark the 90th anniversary of the Tzaddik’s passing and a
ceremony for the dedication of the new tent with the participation of local
dignitaries and rabbis from Poland and around the world.