Seattle businessman comes under vicious antisemitic attack – video captured

Source: bipartisanreport

Seattle, Washington – On
Saturday, chaos erupted outside of a local Seattle pot shop
when a church leader began shouting antisemitic attacks at the store owner,
telling him to “go back to Germany.”


Tahir-Garrett, a 69-year-old local Seattle church leader who was once arrested
for knocking out a Seattle mayor, and lifelong resident of Central District,
was outside of Uncle
Ike’s pot shop
where he was met face-to-face with owner Ian “Uncle Ike”


Garrett previously served 21 months in prison for
assaulting former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell with a megaphone back in 2001. A
jury convicted him of assault with a deadly weapon, though he still argues that
he hit Schell with his fist, not his megaphone.


Watch Garrett
totally lose his shit in the clip below, via YouTube: