Hungarian Jews see antisemitism as a serious problem, survey finds

Two-thirds of Hungarian Jews believe antisemitism is a serious problem in their country, according to a new survey, though fewer than half say they have experienced it firsthand. The survey, which the prominent sociologists András Kovács and Ildikó Barna conducted in 2017 through face-to-face interviews with 1,879 Jewish adults, was published Thursday at a news conference in Budapest. It is […]

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NY survey finds widespread harassment of Jews and other minorities

Four in five Jewish New Yorkers said they were “very” or “somewhat” bothered by vandalism or property damage targeting their religion, according to a recent survey on harassment of minority groups. The report, summarizing the findings of a survey by the New York City Commission on Human Rights and Strength in Numbers Consulting Group, was released Tuesday. It found that […]

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23% of British respondents ‘unwilling’ to have a Jew in the family, poll finds

Nearly a quarter of British respondents to a poll on attitudes to minorities in Western Europe said they would be unwilling to accept Jews as family members. The Pew Research Center’s report titled “Being Christian in Western Europe” was published Wednesday and contains results from interviews with more than 24,000 randomly selected adults in 15 countries. In the United Kingdom, […]

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53% believe Zionism = Jewish Conspiracy

A poll commissioned by the UEJF (Union of French Jewish Students) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel has revealed that 53% of the French believe that Zionism is the product of a Jewish conspiracy. For them “Zionism is an international organization that aims to influence the world and society in favour of the Jews”. […]

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Targeting of Jews in the Netherlands hits a 5-year high

Discrimination against Jews in the Netherlands nearly doubled in 2017, reaching a five-year high that accounts for 41 percent of all the xenophobic incidents recorded. A report (Strafbare Discriminatie in beeld 2017) published last month by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service listed 144 confirmed criminal offenses last year involving xenophobia, including intimidation, vandalism, assault and incitement to hate or violence. Of those […]

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A survey of hate in social networks

During March, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the 2018-2020 Plan to combat Racism and Antisemitism, with first priority for the Internet. To open the discussion, Netino By Webhelp introduced its first online hate survey, which includes an analysis of over 10,000 random and filtered responses on more than 20 Facebook pages of large media companies. The goal: to try to […]

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Quantifying hate: a year of antisemitism on Twitter

7.    When Anti-Zionism is Antisemitic 8.    QAnon 9.    “Globalist” as Code Word for “Jew” 10. Holocaust Denial 11. False Flags 12. George Soros 13. Recommendations 1.    Introduction 2.    Major Findings 3.    Methodology 4.    Detailed Findings & Antisemitic Themes 5.    Harvey Weinstein and Jewish Sexual Predators 6.    Rothschild Conspiracy Theories It’s nearly impossible to overstate the impact social media has on our world. That influence is often wielded in the service of good, think […]

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Poll: nearly two-thirds of Millennials don’t know what Auschwitz is

A poll released on April 12 shows that nearly two-thirds of millennials don’t actually know what Auschwitz is. The Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study found that 66% of millennials couldn’t identify Auschwitz; among all adults that number was 41%. In fact, 49% of millennials couldn’t identify a single concentration camp or ghetto; that number was 45% among all U.S. adults. […]

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Survey: The limits of hostility: Students report on antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment at four us universities

This report is
part of a program of research focusing on undergraduates and their perceptions
and experiences of antisemitism and anti-Israel hostility on US campuses. This
report examines four institutions, Brandeis University, Harvard University, the
University of Pennsylvania (Penn), and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
(Michigan). The report draws on survey data collected in the 2015-16 and
2016-17 academic years from representative samples of undergraduates (both
Jewish and non-Jewish) at these schools.


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