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Antisemitic incidents Switzerland אירוע אלים

Neo-Nazi mob attacked an Orthodox Jew

Source: bazonline

– a group of 20 young people from the extreme right attacked an Orthodox
Jew in Zürich Wiedikon, on the evening of July 4. The neo-Nazis blocked the
victim’s way, saluted Nazi salute and called antisemitic slogans toward him.


The group’s tattooed leader spitted on the victim (age 40)
and pushed him. The group left him only when passersby informed the police
about the incident.


Police did not say anything concrete in regard of the
antisemitic incident, since the investigation is ongoing. Investigation
reveals, though, that the gang’s leader is Kevin C., 27,  from Hombrechtikon, Zurich. He is the lead singer of the right
wing band AMOK, which is planned to perform next week in Zurich during the Swiss Independence Day
festivities. Apart from AMOK, other extreme right-wing groups from Germany and England will appear at the event
entitled “Rock for the motherland”.