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Antisemitic incidents Austria דה-לגיטימציה

Antisemitic incident in Religions Campus

Source: salzburg

Aspern – An antisemitic incident occurred in the
Religions Campus which opened recently in the coastal town Aspern. A pole with
a Star of David flag was toppled and a swastika was sprayed on the flag.


Jewish community spokesman Oscar Deutsch said the incident
caused a deep shock. He called for a special effort to capture the offender.
‘It is essential that political factors, religious communities and civil
society will stand together against the rising antisemitism, racism, xenophobia
and intolerance against minorities “.


Even the Archbishop of Vienna was shocked. “How could
such a thing happen in our city that has absorbed so many people of different
religions and worldviews and became their homeland? I am convinced that it is
an isolated case. This is an opportunity to strengthen and continue our
commitment to promote dialogue and unity between different religions,”
said Dariusz Schutzki, Episcopal priest.


According to the archbishop, the campus is composed of six
different religious communities and it was established at the initiative of the
head of the construction department of the archdiocese,
Harald Gnilsen. Blessing ceremony for the campus took place recently. In
future, the place will contain all places of worship and will become the
spiritual center of the beach town, the statement said.