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Memorial plaques: Suspicion of damage caused by acid

Source: derstandard

Wiener Neustadt – A number of weeks after the discovery of acid damage
caused to memorial plaques in Graz,
a group of memorial plaque activists in Wiener Neustadt have reported that
anonymous vandals have spilled acid on 4 such plaques in the city.


In Wiener Neustadt, more than one hundred memorial plaques have been
erected. One memorial plaque activist, Anton Bilha, stated that “two
thirds of them have been put in place to perpetuate the memory of the Jewish
victims who died in the Holocaust, and the rest in memory of the victims of
euthanasia, political persecution and three gypsies. The four plaques that were
desecrated had been erected to perpetuate the memory of Jewish victims, two on Haggenmüller Street
and two on Grazer Street.