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Jewish student at UNC Charlotte told to ‘burn in an oven’

Source: Truth Revolt

Charlotte, NC – A Jewish student from the University of North
Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) was recently told “to go burn in an


On Sept. 4 in the school’s Student Union, a female student walking with
a group of girls “looked at me with a straight face and said to ‘go burn
in an oven,'” Neili Eggert told TruthRevolt. 


“I didn’t know what to do or
say to her, I was in complete shock… She walked away with the other girls
laughing,” Eggert said.


Following the incident, Eggert has been fearful of walking around on
campus. She reported the incident to the director of UNC Charlotte’s
Multicultural Resource Center, the head of the school’s Religious &
Spiritual Life Office, and the dean of students.


“I feel like I am being
attacked because I wear my Star of David out in public, I wear shirts with the
word Israel on it or shirts with Hebrew lettering, I have Israel stickers on my
laptop, and I wear a hat with an Israeli flag on it,” Eggert said.


Previously, Eggert said she was “spit at by three male Muslim
students on the second day of classes” on Aug. 19, in addition to other


“I have been called a
terrorist, baby killer, woman killer, [told that] I use blood to make matzah
and other foods, Christ killer, occupier, and much more,” she said.