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Increase in the number of antisemitic incidents in Switzerland

Source: tdg

There has been dramatic increase in the number of
antisemitic incidents in Switzerland.
Since the beginning of July and the outbreak of the war in Gaza,
the Federation of Jewish Communities in Switzerland have reported twice as
many incidents as occur during an entire year.


As Federation President, Herbert Winter wrote in the
last edition of the Jewish newspaper “Tachles”: “We knew that
the number of incidents having an antisemitic background would increase during
a time of war in the Middle East”.


However, this time the situation is far more dramatic.
In 15 of the incidents complaints were filed with the police. The statements
appearing in letters or on Facebook have become far more violent. The
Federation also reported insults and threats.


“We would have been happier to see more
politicians or even representatives of the Jewish community condemning these
antisemitic trends”, writes Herbert Winter.


He asks the government to send a clear message and to
take practical measures. “I expect the State to bolster prevention in the
area of anti-Semitism” continues the SIG President and asks that the
frequency of these incidents be better documented.


Most of the incidents were recorded since mid-July and
in particular within the framework of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Even if
the situation calms down a little, Winter demands that alertness should not be