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Gaza and Antisemitism in Argentina

Source: cciu

Hernan Dobry

a period in which antisemitism seemed to be dormant, or at least quite well concealed,
it once again has been raising its head in Argentina. The situation worsens by
the minute, and no one will be surprised if, at any given moment, public words
of incitement to physical aggression or desecration of cemeteries will be


time, as has happened on many previous occasions, the excuse is the conflict in
the Gaza strip and the Palestinians killed in the Israeli attacks, something
which has been exacerbated very much due to the uneven media coverage by a
large part of the local press, that did nothing except repeating the portrayal
of Jerusalem as the bad guy of this movie.


are just excuses behind the mask of “Protectors of human rights of suffering
populations” ostensibly; these people hide acute Jew hatred which they try to
conceal only because in modern times “it is not looked upon kindly”, or,
because they are afraid of INADI (the National Institute against
Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) which is so efficient.


indeed, these principles are so important to them, why, then, don’t they
demonstrate in front of the Syrian embassy against the murder of two hundred
thousand people by the Bashar El Assad regime? Why don’t they organize actions
in the Parliament in Buenos Aires in order to name these acts “Genocide” or


also have not witnessed any denunciations or demonstrations in connection with
the massacre of Christians that is taking place these very days in Iraq by
Jihadist groups, or regarding the hundreds of citizens who were victims of a
missile that was shot by pro-Russian forces and brought down an Air Malaysia


these incidents are not important to them, because there is no Jewish
involvement in them. The eternal antisemites have nowadays become
anti-Israelis, a characteristic that has recently gained a lot of sympathy in
the world, especially in the Left.


of the pejoratives they use in order to tease their
interlocutors when they want to reprimand him for the situation in Gaza is
“Zionist…”, because they don’t have enough courage to remove the mask once and
for all and say “Jew…”


this hatred has emerged gradually in the recent time period. These days
incidents of slanderous inscriptions with swastikas and slurs on school walls
and institutions that belong to the Jewish community reemerge, and there are
even inscriptions that were written on the railings protecting the Israeli
embassy in front of TV cameras and press photographers during demonstrations
organized, inter alia, by the Labor Party, the Socialist Workers’ Party,
Quebracho, the Socialist Workers’ Movement and the “Mila” party.


of the most serious cases is the one in which a Buenos Aires Member of
Parliament from MST, Alejandro Bodart, said in an interview he held at the end
of an event he had organized in the legislature to denounce Israel: “I
especially call upon the Jewish community to join in this humanitarian cause,
since it can make an important contribution if it turns to its government and
pressures it to abandon this plan of ethnic cleansing and genocide.”


this one can conclude that as far as the legislator and presidential candidate
is concerned, Argentinians of Jewish descent are foreigners in the country,
which is not very different from the line of thought of the Senator from the
“Front for Victory (FpV), Miguel Anjel Pinchetto, who was not ashamed to say
that in the AMIA terrorist attack “real Argentinians and Jewish Argentinians”
were killed, or from that of some military men, who, in the midst of the
Falkland Islands war, asked some soldiers what they were doing there when they
are actually Jews.


passes, but things don’t change in our country, and if there is one thing that
unites the military men, the Left, Bodart, Pinchetto and Luis D’Elia (a FpV
ally) it is antisemitism, which they conceal, for the time being, behind an
anti-Israeli mask, which, nowadays is considered a progressive view.


and author of “Being a Jew in the Seventies” together with Daniel Goldman

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