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Antisemitic incidents Belgium

Antisemitic attack against 75 old woman

Source: La Libre

Brussels – A 75-year woman was a victim of
antisemitic attack in the premises of the town hall of Ixelles. A man has
struck and pushed her to the ground because of her Jewish-sounding surname. The
Belgian League against Antisemitism (LBCA) intends to file a complaint
following this assault with the aggravating circumstances of antisemitism, said
Thursday her lawyer, Christophe Goossens.


The case dates back to last Wednesday. The victim had gone to the site
in search for dome documents. A young man was standing behind her in line at
the counter when he heard her Jewish-sounding surname. When the victim was
about to leave the premises, the suspect hit her and pushed her to the ground,
saying her name. According to the victim, the man has also insulted her. The
victim, who wished to remain anonymous, got away with bruises on his right leg.
The attacker has yet to be identified.