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Antisemitic incidents Argentina

Complaint regarding antisemitism filed against caricature author

Source: La Capital

– On July 23rd, the newspaper “La Plata” published an antisemitic
caricature that was reported to the legal authorities. Attorney Daniel Kantor
from Rosario filed a complaint with the INADI (the National Institute against
Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) in which he listed
the reasons why the author of the caricature should be punished by the Law.


a comic strip drawn by an anonymous illustrator who signed with the alias
“Dachi”, a man with tearful eyes and a huge eagle nose is seen wearing a black
skullcap on his head. The dialogue in the cartoon is as follows: “It is sad and
shameful to try and conjugate the verb “Zionism” which is such an unusual verb:
“I suffered, you killed me, he supported you… and now… we conquer, we kill…you
suffer… you get killed… they support me, turn their gaze to another direction…”
The rat on the right side says: “A remembering Jew is a Jew that does not kill
and wants peace.”