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Antisemitic incidents United States תעמולה

Hate crime shocks apartment residents

Source: kxan

San Marcos, Texas – San Marcos police are hunting for graffiti
artists who drew antisemitic, satanic and racist symbols inside an apartment


Residents at the Sanctuary Lofts Apartments, several blocks from Texas
State University, emailed us when they found things like swastikas and racially
insensitive terms written on floors and walls Saturday morning.


The vandal also punched holes in the wall.


Police are investigating the acts as criminal mischief.


Residents we spoke to said they feel that the symbols were a hate crime.


“As we walked through the
hallway, I was just really.. I was a little shocked,” Tyvia Chandler said. “I
was disgusted that anyone would take the time out to damage property like this
and make people feel like this.”


Another person who lives at the apartment complex said she hopes to see


“They need to install cameras
so things like this can’t happen ’cause what if next time someone gets hurt?”
Jasmyn Price said. “But they won’t be able to prove anything because we have no
cameras. We have no type of security to keep us safe.”


Maintenance cleaned up the damage over the weekend. Property managers
did not wish to comment Sunday.