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Antisemitic incidents Hungary תעמולה

The Jews are responsible for the Holocaust – a member of the Jobbik party announces

Source: pmonitor

Erzsébetváros – Apáthy
István László, the Jobbik representative from the city of Erzsébetváros, appears in public and exposes his antisemitic views that
present the Holocaust in “a relative light” and diminish its scope. Thus, for
example, he uploaded on April 20 as a post on his Facebook page an article, in
which the author analyses and claims that, as a matter of fact, “The Jewish
background superpower” was responsible for the Holocaust.


the article one can read such statements and similar ones: “Regarding the fate
of the Hungarian Jews, who were sent to Auschwitz – it was decided neither in a
government session nor in Parliament in Budapest. Not even in a Nazi Rally. The
decision was taken by the highest level Jewish initiative: in the rescue
committee of the Jewish Agency!”


addition, on April 20 he published in his Facebook page “a documentary film”
that denies the Holocaust. In the movie, which was produced years ago, they are
looking for “evidence” to disprove clear and known facts related to the