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Schumer: BDS is antisemitic

Source: buzzfeed

Senator Charles Schumer used harsh rhetoric against the Boycott,
Divestment, and Sanctions movement on Monday, saying the movement is a modern
form of antisemitism.


“It is very suspicious that those who promote boycotting Israel do not
seek boycotts against any other nations in the world, particularly those
nations in the Middle East whose human rights records include hanging
dissenters from cranes in city squares and imprisoning and torturing critics of
the government.,” Schumer told the audience at this year’s conference for the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


“I believe that those who call for boycotts of Israel without calling
for boycotts of other neighboring nations whose human rights records are in
fact reprehensible are practicing, whether they know it or not, whether they
admit it or not, a modern form of what we call antisemitism,” Schumer said to
rousing applause.


Schumer compared BDS to historical injustices against Jews, like
restrictions on where Jews could settle and what occupations they could hold:
“The word that describes all of these acts is a very simple one: antisemitism.”


“We will succeed if we strongly and constantly oppose those who call for
boycotts of Israel and expose their double standard,” Schumer said.


Schumer drew a line in the sand over whether Israel should change any of
its policies to avoid further boycotts.


“One further thought on these boycotts. Those who even with the best of
intentions warn Israel that she must make agreements she feels unjust because
the boycotting will only get worse in the future, those people have it all
wrong,” Schumer said.


“Those quote-unquote friends should be condemning the boycotts in every
possible way and weakening them,” he said.


AIPAC’S new president Bob Cohen also mentioned
in his remarks Sunday at the conference, calling for AIPAC to “fight
exclusion with inclusion.”

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