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Antisemitic incidents Italy תעמולה

Swastikas were painted on a store in the ancient city of Benevento

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Benevento – a swastika on the door and two swastikas on a side wall, that’s what the residents of September 3rd street in Benevento – located in the midst of the ancient part of the city and close to Trajan’s Arch (Arco di Traiano) – found out when they woke up this morning.


The store is owned by a hairdresser of israeli origin, and its main entrancce is located on the main street of Benevento, Del Pomerio.


Among the first to notice the swastikas was a local mrechant. “when we opened our store this morning,” he told the reporter of the Ntr24 website, “we noticed these symbols painted on the wall.”


The storeowners in the area say it isn’t the first time this store is targeted. “a few years ago similar symbols and writings were painted on the store shutters” they say.


The store is closed for now for its weeky day-off and the neighbors are trying to contact the owner to inform her about the regrettable incident.