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Antisemitic incidents Belgium התנכלות

Harassment against Jews

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Provocation and intimidation against Jewish passersby on the streets of Antwerp

November 13, 2013

Antwerp – at the evening of November 13th, a man of about 40 years old, of Iranian descent, chased after Jewish children on Simonstraat . After failing to get the children, he turned toward the Belgielei and began to throw pieces of metal and stones at Jews who were walking at the street.

The police, who was called to the scene, failed to stop the man. There were no casualties.


Intimidation against two young Jews

November 14, 2013

Antwerp – at the corner of Belgielei and Isabellalei the same person – who had been reported yesterday when he intimidated Jewish passersby in the streets of Antwerp – pushed two young passersby who quickly escaped from the area. They chose not to call the police.


Throwing stones at an old woman in Antwerp

November 15, 2013

Antwerp – On Friday, November 15, at Belgielei in Antwerp, an elderly Jewish woman was attacked by a man of Iranian descent with no permanent address.

The attacker, who is already known from previous two attacks in the neighborhood in the same week (in November 13 and 14), began throwing stones at the victim. One of the stones hit the woman’s head and she was rushed to the hospital.


The police were called to the scene and arrested the man. He was released after 24 hours due to legal issue related to him being a man without an identifying document and without a permanent address. The man was seen again on November 16 at Belgielei while picking up stones. The police were called.


The information was forwarded to the Centre for Equal Opportunities.


Attempted assault against a father and son in Antwerp

November 18, 2013

Antwerp – the same person, without an identifying document and without a permanent address, who was arrested by the police after injuring an elderly woman with stones, tried in Isabellalei, Antwerp, to hit – without success – a Jewish man and his son. The police arrested the man and he was brought before a judge.


Orthodox Jews in Antwerp attacked by naked man

November 23, 2013

Antwerp – In Saturday, November 23, in Lamorinièrestraat, Antwerp, an Orthodox Jew was attacked by a man of North African descent.


The man, who was naked, chased the victim. After getting wounded, the victim escaped to a nearby synagogue. The attacker followed him to the synagogue. Inside the building, people were able to take hold of the attacker until the police arrived.


The man was arrested and police said he was under the influence of psychoactive substances.