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Antisemitic incidents Greece תעמולה

New Holocaust denial from Golden Dawn MP

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Athens – Golden Dawn continues. Achaia MP Michalis Arvanitis emphatically denies the Holocaust of Jews and says it was simply burned corpses of people who had already lost their lives due to illnesses.


“I do not care about what happened back then, but it was not a Holocaust. I understand Greek and many of them also understand. But some others keep parroting about it. It was an attempted genocide. Yes. They could have called it this way. Or others say, many historians, that the Germans needed workers. Do you think they were that stupid to put the workers in the oven? You should know that at that time there was typhus. Typhus killed many; it killed Poles and Greeks that had been taken from here and also a lot of Serbs. All these bodies they had to burn them. I am not saying that this was a good thing. That they put people in concentration camps for forced labour, no. This is something reprehensible. But no pseudo-intellectual will force me to adopt the term holocaust; this term is unacceptable. And it is the Jews that make them force us to adopt it”, he said.


The MP insists that nobody can make him change his beliefs and talks about uneducated MPs in the other parties. “These parties are under Jewish control and they pollute the Parliament. Their only problem they are concerned with is that we do not recognise the holocaust, the so-called holocaust of the Jews”.


The GD MP, using unprecedented words, attempts to offend the Greek parliament while also going against some politicians: “Would a Greek patriot or anyone else vote for the parties of political riff-raff… the political riff-raff that SYRIZA is made of, led by this political riff-raff Tsipras?”


According to the GD MP, the communists damage Greece, while he also verbally attacked the mayor of Athens [by playing with the sound of name and calling him a punk] who, as he claimed, protects the illegal immigrants.